With 35 years of activity, Omniconsul is the portuguese consultancy leader in Public Affairs and Strategic Communication Management.

Established in 1976, under the name CNEP (International Communications Agency) it underwent through reorganization in 1996, progressing to its current designation. This change was the begining of a new cycle, mainly in innovating in different areas of its activity. It revolutioned the concept of Government Relations/ Lobbying and  was the first agency to use the New Technologies as a potential communication tool.

During this period, we rendered services to multinational Companies, Associations, public and private Institutions and also Governments of several countries, setting and implementing adequate strategies for pursuing its client’s objectives closer to the political decisors, in Portugal and also at the European Institutions in Brussels.

The knowlegde of the market in which we operate, allied with its highly qualified professionals competence, and the consolidated experience of all Communications Techniques, made us previlegde interlocutors to advise and implement from the simpler communication actions to the more demanding international campaigns.

On July 2018 Omniconsul merged withits sister Company Primeira Imagem ( ), having its former associate Pedro Luiz de Castro, acquired the whole capital of the Company.

From that date on, Omniconsul is acting under the Primeira Imagem umbrella, with the same Team, the same External Consultants and providing the same services. Only the name of the Company has changed.

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